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Hi! My name is Chris Jimenez, President & Owner of Yellow Footprints Coffee Company. I made my commitment and stepped on MCRD San Diego’s Yellow Footprints in the summer of 2002. I couldn’t think of a better path than one of service to my country and fellow Americans. Fortunately, I was sent to sunny Camp Pendleton, CA as my duty station.



It was in southern California where I learned to appreciate my mornings just that much more. I now want to extend that same great feeling to you!



Go ahead, take a sip, and “COMMIT TO A BETTER YOU, EVERY MORNING”


Yellow Footprints Coffee Co. is dedicated to making your morning routine a perfected experience. We know you have many different choices when it comes to coffee and we thank you for selecting us as your preference. 


Keeping in line with the Marine Corp values; our commitment to you is to always operate with Integrity


We want you to be happy with your purchase and would love to hear about your new morning experience. Thanks again for stopping by!



Semper Fidelis,


Yellow Footprints Coffee Company Staff


Photo By Robert F. Sargent. 

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